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Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

Fire Alarm Servicing & Maintenance

Under the Fire Safety Order 2005 legislation and under guidance of BS5839-1: 2013 all business owners and responsible persons have a duty of care to ensure their Fire Alarm system is maintained in a serviceable and operational condition, this completed through a fire alarm service schedule.

In choosing Vision Fire Safety Solutions as your service provider we will ensure your fire alarm service is completed in a friendly, professional manner at every stage of your tailored agreement.

Preventative Maintenance

Once we have been instructed to take over as your service provider, your first fire alarm service visit may include a handover inspection, as required by current standards, allowing us to determine the exact condition of your existing installation. This extended visit includes:

Full analysis of your log book
System configuration settings check
Walk through of your existing installation
100% test of your system to include sounder testing and peripheral checks

This initial visit will help us to determine that the existing installation has been set-up correctly for optimised performance which, in turn, will help reduce problematic false alarms and maintain a healthy system through the appropriate preventative maintenance measures.

Inspection Intervals

Following the initial inspection an ongoing fire alarm alarm service schedule will be implemented to meet with the minimum requirements of BS5839, ensuring that all automatic detection is tested annually, alongside periodic system checks at a minimum of 6-monthly intervals.

Larger systems will generally require additional visits to ensure testing is carried out on a regular and scheduled basis. Fire alarm testing should also be undertaken at a different call point each week and the results logged, this is a test the end user can normally facilitate, this can either be completed by trained personnel on site or by our engineers, ensuring your compliance to current requirements.